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ABS sheets don't have high resistance against scratching and this disadvantage, especially in sanitary applications such as bath tubes and refrigerators' inner cabinets cause to enter contamination into these scratches and then it destroys the color, product appearance and finally makes the products non-healthy. In the other hand, high impact resistance and good thermoforming ability as well as suitable price compared to the other polymers, caused the replacement of ABS to be impossible, hence it must be altered.

PMMA have high chemical resistance, high UV stability, best scratching resistance compared to ABS; In addition, close melting point and similar shrinkage to ABS, caused co–extrusion to be possible as a sheet. As a result, ABS/PMMA sheets, with ABS-lower layer and PMMA-upper layer have high impact resistance of ABS as well as high scratch resistance of PMMA.

ROYAL ABS/PMMA co-extruded sheets using high quality raw materials and advanced technologies in their production, have high scratch resistance of PMMA as well as high impact resistance of ABS. Thermoforming can be achieved as well.

ROYAL PMMA/ABS/PMMA Sheets include the following specifications: Product Dimensions:

Thickness: 1 - 8 mm

Maximum width: 2050 mm

According to the production line, providing the products can also be fitted by customer’s request:

If it is needed to high gloss and high resistance against scratching in both surfaces as following scheme; it is also possible to produce three–layer sheets:



1- Snow-white

2- White

It is also possible to produce any favorable colors, if the order meets the minimum order Quantity.


Sanitary wares; such as bath-tubes, bath containers, and so on

Refrigerator inner cabinets

Sport equipment

Advertisement panels and displays

Different applications in interior and exterior building spaces.