شهریور 9, 1394
رویال طلق
شهریور 9, 1394


 Thoroughly compounded plastic door, with its exclusive brand of Royal Door is regarded as a kind of revolution in building and construction industry. It's very outstanding due to its exceptional formula, which has made it very hot-selling in both interior and exterior market. The fully automatic up to dated European technology being utilized in manufacturing of these doors, in which silver nano technology also is applied, has made these doors so popular. These doors are very light-weighted, sound-proof, and water-proof as well as heat insulation; some very significant characteristics that have made Royal Door a distinctive brand in the market and its usage in apartments, offices and hospitals all over Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Standard Dimensions:

950 * 2100

850 * 2100

750 * 2100


-Entirely water-proof

-Thoroughly washable, even with detergents

-Resistant to various weather conditions

-Incredibly light weighted

-Resistant against scratching

-Moisture proof and sound proof (Acoustic)

-Resistant against corrosion and decay and high impact resistance

-Heat proof and fire resistant

-Designed for optimistic fuel consumption -5 year guaranteed

-Applicable in residential buildings, public places, hospitals, health and medical centers

-Approved by World Health Organization and Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran.