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شهریور 9, 1394


ROYAL PVC Wall and Ceiling Panel Plastering and painting constitute large components in the costing of interior. Time for plastering and painting is also many times a burden on the consumers. Following our glorious past on polymer field, Royal’s decorative wall panels are waterproof and very easy to clean, which makes them ideal for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, offices, hoses interior wall designs, basements, garages and all other living areas.

Especially in damp and moist areas paneling is an excellent alternative to decorate walls and ceilings effectively, aesthetically pleasing and completely waterproof, bringing home decoration to the next level. Our PVC wall and ceiling cladding is available in a variety of decorative patterns ranging from unvarnished or high gloss panels to printed panels with wood, marble and fantasy effects. We also apply a new way of designing technology, which is unique in its kind.

Our standard panels are available in any lengths, so variations are possible. The standard width is 200mm and 250mm, and we also produce middle grooved 250 mm wall panel.

Royal PVC Panels include the following features:

Product dimensions:

  1. Height: 8 mm
  2. Width: 200 mm, 250 mm, Grooved 250 mm
  3. Length: 6000 mm

According to the customer’s request, producing the panels in any lengths is possible.

We are also able to apply three different and unique types of surface treatment methods on our panels’ surfaces:

Our Surface treatment methods includes:

  1. Laminating method
  2. Hot stamping method
  3. UV Coated Four-colour printing method


Our PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels are appropriate for decorating the interior wall of general residence, restaurant, department store, villa, garage, shed, greenhouse, pool, meeting room, shop/store, seaside cabana, motel / hotel, kindergarten, or shopping mall, etc.

Features and benefits:

  1. Water-proof
  2. Moisture-proof
  3. Self-fire extinguishing, non-flammable.
  4. Heat-proof
  5. Sound-proof and Sound-insulation
  6. Weather resistance
  7. Resistant to special chemicals
  8. No rust, no rotting
  9. Totally Washable
  10. Reusable
  11. Light weight
  12. Wide colour range
  13. Easy to be cut, drilled, nailed sawed, and riveted. DIY is all right.
  14. Quick maintenance and no need of painting.
  15. The simple and fast installation can save a lot of time and manpower cost.
  16. Easy to transport
  17. Budget friendly because of minimum waste
  18. No need for extra connection trims